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imPULSE 2.0(R): ECG Competency Series




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... meeting all your educational requirements for chest pain and stroke.


imPULSE(R): ECG Competency Series

imPULSE 2.0 is the only program meeting all of the annual key educational elements for Accreditation by the Society for Cardiovascular Patient Care.

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Hemispheres(R): Stroke Competency Series

Hemispheres® - The Stroke Competency Series!
Another amazingly interactive, multi-level educational program for stroke training and competency and a must for all stroke centers.

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MI Rule Visions(R)MI Rule Visions® is an innovative tool making recognition of myocardial infarction and ischemia location in a 12 lead ECG rapid and simple! This color-coded template contains a wealth of references for ECG lead changes, reciprocal changes, culprit arteries, cardiac markers, lead placement and waveform norms.

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Responder(R): STEMI Recognition

Responder® - STEMI Recognition is a web-based, amazingly interactive ACS and STEMI education and competency program addressing the needs of Pre-hospital and EMS Responders.

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Our courseware is used by healthcare professionals in major facilities and private practice in all 50 states and 16 countries around the world.

What Our Users Say

  • "It's a no-brainer! Not only is imPULSE® very detailed, interactive and fun, it also includes excellent administrative and technical support."
  • "[Hemispheres®] has greatly enhanced my knowledge base. Excellent course!"
  • "imPULSE® is an excellent educational program, available to the staff 24/7. They like the fact of doing the courses at their convenience, even from home! Thanks for all your support!"
  • "After all these years, I finally understand what I'm looking at on a 12 Lead!"
  • "imPULSE® is by far the best program I have used in my nursing career."
  • "[Apex should be] very proud to know how well-respected and appreciated your services and products are in the healthcare community."


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