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Let Apex Innovations help you meet your educational goals and needs with our collection of cardiac, ECG, chest pain and heart failure courses or neuro and stroke education.

We deliver the most interactive and engaging online education to sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge which ultimately improve patient outcomes.

imPULSE 4.0

imPULSE 4.0 ECG and Chest Pain Competency Series consists of eleven guideline-based cardiac courses for novice to expert learners. Newly designed with basic and advanced rhythm recognition and 12-lead ECG interpretation courses to improve knowledge and confidence! We bring content to life with amazing graphics, engaging interactivity, and frequent, fun check learning quizzes so you can learn easier and retain longer.

imPULSE 4.0 will make orientation, annual competencies, professional development, and accreditation/certification education simple and easy! From foundational cardiac basics to rhythms and 12-leads, rapid ACS response to ongoing management, and much more, we have you covered! Early heart attack care (EHAC) provides education to non-clinical/support staff and the community to bring everyone together to recognize and respond effectively to a chest pain patient.

imPULSE 4.0 is the only online chest pain and ECG competency series meeting all key education elements required for chest pain center accreditation and heart attack center certification!


Whether a professional working in the emergency department, stroke unit, intensive care, or a student, Hemispheres 3.0® will help to improve your neuro and stroke knowledge and competency.

This series is comprised of nine comprehensive courses filled with current best practices guidelines for stroke care. Watch for performance measures required for reporting and reimbursement, interesting care notes, teaching tips, and team tips throughout. Reinforce key information immediately with periodic check learning quizzes.


Heart Failure - Comprehensive 2.0TM consists of six levels that use updated visuals, presentations, and engaging interactivity to bring this educational activity to life. This comprehensive, guideline-directed content provides physicians and advanced healthcare practitioners critical, concise need-to-know information to promote optimal patient outcomes and highlights interprofessional and team collaboration information for best-practice care.

Heart Failure - Comprehensive 2.0 explores this complex, progressive, clinical disease, beginning with heart failure basis, hemodynamics, and exacerbations, continuing with guideline-direct evaluation and management, and ending with patient transitions and excellence in care. This heart failure program is a key element of any comprehensive continuing education program.


Heart Failure - Focused 2.0TM is a three-level heart failure competency series that provides essential information in an easy-to-understand, engaging format to promote learning, increase retention, and help ensure optimal outcomes.

Heart Failure - Focused 2.0 is designed for direct-care nurses and other clinical staff involved in the care of heart failure patients.

This program is a spin-off from Heart Failure - Comprehensive 2.0TM with just the right amount of required annual education for accreditation, without asking clinicians to devote a great deal of time.


Sepsis is a huge challenge for hospitals across the United States as it impacts patient mortality, patient outcomes, and hospital costs.

Sepsis 2.0 - A Systemic ResponseTM is a competency series that delivers relevant, best practice content that reinforces your hospital's sepsis initiatives, educating staff to improve outcomes, support CMS quality measures, and ensure everyone is sepsis-knowledgeable and sepsis-competent.

All ancillary and professional staff must be trained to recognize and respond to potential sepsis cases. To meet this need, the first course was designed specifically for all non-clinical staff and subsequent courses for healthcare professionals.


Responder 3.0® improves knowledge and competency in the assessment and accurate recognition of ACS and STEMI.

We present critical prehospital decisions and timely management based on best practice guidelines.

This single course will help with ECG interpretation and is filled with practice drills to support excellence in STEMI care.

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