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Hemispheres 2.0 includes:

  • Brain Anatomy and Physiology
  • Stroke Pathophysiology
  • Emergency Response to Stroke
  • In-Hospital Ischemic Stroke
  • In-Hospital Hemorrhagic
  • Stroke Prevention
  • Excellence in Stroke Care
  • NIH Stroke Scale Training and Certification


Hemispheres 2.0 is a comprehensive, interactive stroke competency series that includes the NIHSS Training and Certification! The eight levels of Hemispheres 2.0 are Brain Anatomy and Physiology, Stroke Pathophysiology, Emergency Response to Stroke, In-Hospital Ischemic Stroke, In-Hospital Hemorrhagic Stroke, Stroke Prevention, Excellence in Stroke Care, and NIH Stroke Scale. Printable course completion and CE certificates are available following successful testing and evaluation.
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