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  • "This site is great - the way e-learning should be. It stimulates many senses through interaction and impacts many learning styles."
    Maria Hill, RN, BSN, MS
    Education Department Instructor
    Western Baptist Hospital, Paducah, KY

  • "This is the BEST online learning packet I have used."

  • "imPULSE is excellent and has most definitely improved my organization by having a scheduled competency in place for all of our providers (primary care physicians, NP and PA's) and nursing staff. It is a great program and we are very pleased with the education and clinical content!"
    Linda Rowsey
    Lead Compliance Specialist

  • "imPULSE has decreased the training time and cost for Basic ECG rhythm interpretation of new hires into monitored patient care areas. Our staff are enjoying the graphics and interactive learning style. Staff appreciate the 24 hour education option imPULSE provides and overall, it is excellent!"
    Barbara Halle, RN
    Nurse Education Specialist

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  • "I just had to share this with you!!! We have received our Joint Commission Certification as a Primary Stroke Center. I really think your program has a lot to do with allowing us to achieve our certification. When [the Joint Commission Disease Specific Certification Surveyor] was talking to one of our ICU nurses during a mock tracer - she asked her what kind of competencies or educational programs had she completed to be sure she knew how to take care of stroke patients - her reply was the Hemispheres® program and she was gushing with excitement on how cool it was! Needless to say, I know we will be getting our contract renewed and we will have our sister hospital join us. I think that this should really make your company, organization, etc. very proud to know how well-respected and appreciated your services and products are in the healthcare community."
    Kathleen Henderson, RN, MN, APRN-BC, LNC
    CNS/Stroke Program Coordinator
    St. Joseph Stroke Center

  • "We are a stroke center, this material has greatly enhanced my knowledge base. Excellent course."

  • "We are Apex lovers. The program is working well and we couldn't be more pleased. Everyone at your organization has gone above and beyond to make us happy!"
    Connie McAnelly
    Educational Services
    Southeast Missouri Hospital

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  • "After all these years, I finally understand what I'm looking at on a 12 Lead!"

  • "From telemetry technician to physician, the MI Rule is a practical tool that can take the guesswork out of 12-Lead EKG interpretation. Pictographic examples of the EKG waveforms that define injury, ischemia and infarction patterns are provided, along with color-coded lead groupings. It is designed to quickly assist the clinician in identifying, naming and communicating abnormalities on the EKG. Updated AHA/ACC risk stratification guidelines are also provided to assist the clinician in tailoring treatment. I highly recommend having the MI-Rule on hand, particularly in those areas where clinicians find themselves communicating EKG findings over the phone, or in those areas that have irregular contact with EKG interpretation."
    Lisa K. Tabor, MSN, ACNP, CEN
    Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

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