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mission statement

The mission of Apex Innovations is to improve the knowledge, skills/strategy, and/or performance of healthcare individuals and teams for optimal patient outcomes. We create and deliver effective, guideline-based education to address underlying needs with unique, interactive, and realistic educational strategies to enhance the learning experience.

business philosophy

Apex Innovations was built and operates on Christian values. We know of no better role model for us than Jesus Christ.

The life He lived inspires us, and the principles He taught, are the basis for all our decisions.

We strive to treat everyone we encounter, whether customer or employee with His attitude and grace.

the apex team

Where CLINICAL knowledge meets TECHNICAL know-how!

The team at Apex Innovations creates exceptional, high quality, interactive educational products that set us apart from other online educational applications.

Our team designs, manufactures, and provides web-based programs for individuals, hospitals and health systems, universities, organizations, and corporations.

We work hard to meet your educational needs and give you the very best customer care. Our goal is to improve outcomes through education, ultimately ensuring your success!

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Apex Team


The CLINICAL TEAM at Apex Innovations identifies professional practice gaps in healthcare, then plans and works side by side with our IT - Development team. We create, implement and maintain the most current, visually engaging, and interactive continuing educational courses. We work diligently with subject matter experts to give our learners what they need, while providing guideline-based and always up-to-date courses. Our goal is to help you improve your outcomes through our education!


The TECHNOLOGY/DEVELOPMENT TEAM at Apex Innovations collaborates with our clinical team to design, build and maintain the finest next-generation online education available! Our resulting products are most interactive, graphically exceptional, and truly like no other! Besides supporting all behind-the-scene aspects required for your learning experience, we maintain everything else technology related in the building. Our technical “know-how” is quite often extraordinary, so you are in for a real treat!

Meet the apex team

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